On the way to a Global Artificial Intelligence Champion

When we looked at the decision-making landscape in organizations and observed that the available technologies and models were helping make decisions but with fixed cycles of information processing, running in batches, with little flexibility and agility. We saw products sacrificing usability for more features, deployment times of months and requiring days or weeks of training to get started.

We saw a gap between the consulting and technology paradigms and sensed the need for different standards. That is when founded Innoplexus. Since then, they are bringing innovation into decision-making processes and are driving digital transformation. In building intelligent applications, Innoplexus bring together Research, Engineering, UX-Design, and other experts to use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve the toughest problems from curing cancer to predictive analytics. Recently they integrated Blockchain technology to add formerly unpublished (meta)data to our data ocean.

Clinical Trial Development

Clinical trials are costly endeavors that often run over budget due to delays in patient enrollment. There are a multitude of factors that cause delays, such as a lack of available patients, high competition for patients/physicians, and clinical trial site fatigue to name a few. Innoplexus’ technology empowers clinical trial coordinators to identify centers likely to have untapped patient populations and underutilized emerging key opinion leaders interested in clinical trial research. Our AI technology accomplishes these feats via network analyses that connect diverse data points to provide insights not otherwise feasible and expedite clinical trials.

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme

Clinical Trials Innovation Programme is an invitation-only, premium event bringing together a mix of clinical research professionals and service providers in one stimulating environment.

Join us face to face to learn from the best in the drug development industry and have an opportunity to learn from their experiences. With an agenda covering the future of Clinical trials and drug development post COVID, Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022 will feature tailored sessions presented by the leading experts from across the globe.

We are bringing together the best in the industry to help you learn and grow, and accelerate your drug development journey. The experts will include thought leaders and visionaries from Danish Medicines Agency, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Travere Therapeutics, Biogen, Vifor Pharma, Medical Products Agency and much more.

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