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DMI is a global technology solutions company that specializes in digital strategy, design, transformation and support. Utilizing expertise in the areas of AI & Analytics, Commerce, Experience, Managed Services, Transformation, and Government, DMI delivers intelligent digital transformation solutions that meet organizations where they are. Born digital, DMI has been delivering mission-critical, enterprise grade solutions since 2002 for over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all fifteen U.S. Federal Departments. DMI has grown to 2,000+ employees globally and has been continually recognized by top industry analysts as market leader as well as a Top Place to Work by the Washington Post.

Industry Insights

The difficulty in defining today’s automotive industry is in itself an indication of just how complex a concept it has become across public, private and commercial applications. Within years, not decades, companies are rethinking the core principles of mobility, vehicle ownership, driver experience, logistics and propulsion all at once. Any ONE of those should be considered an industry disruptor, yet they’re happening in parallel. The shift to connectivity, self-driving, automation, and electrification are no longer a competitive advantage, but a requirement. Each of these brings with it a new tranche of challenges, each one pointing to a need for rapid organizational change.


Connected Vehicle Strategy

The automotive industry is facing the most disruptive change in its history. Automakers must now become collaborative software mobility companies, which requires rapid organizational and technological change in one. Based on their extensive experience with connected car technology and digital transformation, they deliver rapid value to clients through their Minimum Viable Transformation (MVT) approach to continuous strategy. From change management and business roadmaps to creating revenue streams around data and subscriptions, their senior advisors bring decades of hands-on knowledge to your journey.

Connected Vehicle Services

On your journey to the mobility ecosystem of tomorrow, your readiness for customer-centricity and partner enablement will determine success. their end-to-endless connected cloud platform services solve future mobility challenges and secure the successful implementation of electric and autonomous vehicle programs. Their extensive experience and knowledge of global connected programs enables them to support the next generation of the Software Defined Vehicle. This includes design, architecture and build of connected cloud, V2X and mobility capabilities, intelligent Edge solutions, CX-centric platforms and feature sets, data streaming and monetization solutions, and managing the complex landscape of third-party integrations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

From data ingestion and storage to data visualization and connected analytics, they have advised countless enterprise-level clients on the most intricate data solutions. Their collaborative approach can help you create rapid analytics, build science-based models, and operationalize your analytics in a cost-effective manner.

CX Strategy & Design

From optimizing the design of your website or app, to designing a new digital product or conducting research to better understand your customer and their buying journey, their team solves business problems through improved customer experience.

Managed IT Services

IT is key to businesses’ survival now, more than ever — but managing and supporting IT isn’t what most companies are good at. Many companies turn to partners to ensure their IT continues to meet the needs of their business, stays up to date on optimization, and possesses the diverse skill set for supporting a range of issues. To accomplish this, today’s Managed IT Service partner needs to bring best-of-breed capabilities, extensive experience, and innovative solutions. They, at DMI, focus on understanding how their client’s IT affects their end-users and operations. They strive to recommend solutions that ensure their clients have a great experience and offer performance-based management of systems and resources. their goal is to make the end user’s IT experience as seamless as possible. DMI deploys industry-leading platforms to enable repeatable processes and workflow automation to produce repeatable results. Managed IT Services offers the benefit of solution expertise with the pricing of a shared services model.

Digital Revolution in Connected Cars 2022

We are gathering to deliberate over the latest innovations & explore the growing opportunities in the connected car Industry with high-standard world-class experts. These experts will share their opinions and experiences in dealing with the challenges of the current pandemic. The forum will deliver one day of senior-level executive insights, unrivalled networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with high-value actionable content on multiple facts of the connected cars.

Speakers & delegates such as Stellantis, Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors, Groupe Renault, Nissan Motor Corporation, are looking forward to joining this conference.

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