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Ronald Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

CareHive Health

Dr. Ronald Dixon is an internal medicine physician, entrepreneur, and advocate for bridging technology, data, and medicine to improve access to care for patients. He is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CareHive, a health technology and clinical services provider that partners with medical groups, payers, healthcare systems, and employers to contain healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Dixon has been a pioneer and innovator in healthcare technology his whole career. In the early days of email when most of us were uncertain of its potential, Ron incorporated its use into his medical practice to follow-up with patients asynchronously, providing a non “face-to-face” option. He developed telemedicine booths 12 years ago to allow communities to visit with their doctors without coming to the office. He leveraged the value of data to improve healthcare outcomes, becoming the inaugural Director at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Virtual Practice Project as well as the Director for its Center of Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. Ron also served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, and later as Head of Clinical Affairs and President of the Physician Group at Onduo LLC.

Dr. Dixon’s work led to the original development of Healthcare 360, a technology platform that continues to aid physicians in monitoring and managing large patient populations. He is an expert on data-driven virtual care and is passionate about chronic disease management.