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Jane Myles

Program Director, Special Projects


Jane has focused on improving clinical trials and patient experience for more than 25 years. Her passion is driving innovation into the trial design and execution to get medicines to patients faster. Jane switched from molecule focus to portfolio focus about 13 years ago, first focused on patient recruitment, then patient voice and input, then patient facing technology and its adoption. She’s able to merge them all together in her current role as VP Innovation at Curebase, building DCT technology and services to drive access and inclusion to trials.

She’s also an initiative co-lead and a member of the DTRA leadership committee. She worked at Roche / Genentech for 17 years in many roles, including operational program manager for hematology ultimately working on driving patient-facing technology into global trials. In prior lives, she held various roles in DCT optimization at LabCorp and ran global trials at Lilly and Sanofi. She’s a Canuck who loves San Francisco and the ocean.