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Chelsea Gallagher

Director, Innovation & Digital Health


Chelsea Gallagher is a Director of Innovation & Digital Health at Bristol Myers Squibb, based in Princeton, NJ. Chelsea is a thought leader in the clinical design innovation space and her focus over the past three years has been on developing an approach to automatically and quantitatively evaluate protocol design and predict likely performance and quality outcomes, in order to optimize design for patients, investigators and sponsors.

With over ten years of experience in analytics across multiple functions, Chelsea has leveraged her expertise in user experience, change management, and different analytical techniques to solve challenging problems at BMS. She recognizes pain points, identifies synergies across functions, and designs solutions that meet current and future business needs while building for seamless stakeholder experience.

Prior to her current role, Chelsea held a role in Alliance Leadership with Real World Data (RWD) partners, evaluating and influencing data collection diversity and standards and driving internal investment strategy. In a cross-functional analytics role, she developed a robust career development program to invest in top analytics talent, providing analysts a powerful network, opportunities to work on projects outside of their domain expertise and training for comprehensive data scientist skillsets. Chelsea believes data drives better decisions and leverages her analytics experience to solve problems creatively.