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Agata Blasiak

Head of Digital Health Innovation

The Institute for Digital Medicine, National University of Singapore

Dr. Agata Blasiak is the Head of Digital Health Innovation at the Institute for Digital Medicine (WisDM) and the N.1 Institute for Health (N.1) at the National University of Singapore. She champions the development of digital health technologies and has co-developed digital platforms for decentralized healthcare in Singapore’s public healthcare sector. Blasiak is a co-author of an upcoming Johns Hopkins University Press book Medicine without Meds: Transforming Patient Care with Digital Therapies.

In addition to her current domain in digital health, Blasiak has a strong expertise in neurotechnology: from a collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline to model neurodegenerative diseases in vitro to developing neural interfaces for artificial prosthesis. Her talent has been identified by MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific and her and the team’s IDentif.AI project was recognized in the IT Leader Awards 2021 – Tech Heroes From Crisis for significant positive technological impact on the Singapore community during the COVID-19 crisis. Blasiak is a BScEng in Biotechnology from Warsaw University of Technology and a PhD in Bionano Interactions from University College Dublin. Blasiak is also currently pursuing a Global Executive MBA at INSEAD.