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Start : 21st Oct 2020

End : 22nd Oct 2020

Who Will Attend

Top-level Industry leaders from around 25+ Countries come to join CTIP and leave with an exceptional experience that they return to the conferences year after year. Delegates attending our event are asked to complete a questionnaire, which confirms their clinical R&D budget. They also provide details on:

  • Number of compounds in clinical development​

  • Relevant clinical phases

  • Clinical budget of over 1 million Euros​

  • Scope of responsibility​

  • Purchase plan for Products and services

  • Geographies of interest​

  • Key priorities for the next 6-18 months

Illustrative Delegate Job Titles

  • Clinical Development Directors
  • Clinical Project Managers
  • Head Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Trails Outsourcing
  • Clinical Country Leads
  • Medical Affairs Directors
  • Head Risk Based Monitoring
  • Head Clinical Trials Managements
  • Clinical Oversight

  • Clinical R&D

  • Budgeting and Outsourcing Directors
  • Clinical Informatics Directors
  • Site Manager Director
  • Data Management Heads
  • Clinical Statistics Directors
  • Head Early Clinical Development
  • Head Patient Excellence
  • Director Medical and Regulatory Affairs
  • Director Feasibility

  • Innovation Head

  • Clinical Site Managers

Past Attendee List

Featured Speakers

Thomas Nittoli


Betsey Zbyszynski

Director, Clinical Contracts and Outsourcing

Reginald Hooks

Associate Director, Clinical Operations

George Naumov

COO and Head of Business Development


San Francisco, CA


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