WorldBI Interviews

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

Its Patrick. Im working for TUI, like good german beer and Im a cat lover. Its my personal mission to fight cyber criminals and make different programs open source for other organizations to help themselves in increasing their cyber resilience for the fight :

Q2. Brand protection has become a pressing issue for businesses globally. What do you see as the most significant challenges and opportunities in the field of brand protection in the European context today?

Economies of Scale and Scope for Cyber Criminals. Its easy and cheap to produce counterfeits and distribute it worldwide.

Q3. In the age of digitalization and e-commerce, counterfeit products have proliferated online. What strategies and technologies do you recommend for companies to effectively combat online brand infringement?

To detect hidden connections between single attack patterns to gain ability to differentiate between singular events and organized business models in order to use companies restricted budgets more efficient.

Q4. Collaboration is often crucial in brand protection efforts. Could you share examples of successful partnerships or initiatives that have made a significant impact in safeguarding brands within the European market?

Working together with different departments. A phishing case can also be a domain brand infringement case and also be relevant for fraud management if it’s just a symptom from a broader parent criminal network.

Q5. In what outcomes do you think BPCEU will help you?

To get new insights and potential collaboration points. The experts / speakers are heterogeneous distributed. Im definitely looking forward to the synergies that BPCEU will have.