WorldBI Interviews

Q1. Tell me about yourself?

I have operational background at law enforcement agency for combating international organized crimes and protection of national security for more then 21 years. I speak internationally and give lectures on topics including criminal investigations, cybercrime, online fraud, radicalization, extremism, money laundering, corruption and data retention for combating organized crimes and terrorism. I am currently full professor and the Vice Rector of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria.

Q2. Brand protection has become increasingly challenging in the digital age. How is the European Union adapting its strategies and policies to address the evolving threats to brands, including counterfeiting and intellectual property violations?

Intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights or geographical indications and ect. enable European inventors, creators and businesses to prevent unauthorised exploitation of their creations, and to receive compensation for their investment. The European Union protects intellectual property rights through legislation and judicial decisions. Intellectual property can be one of your company’s most valuable assets. Brand protection helps to protect intellectual property against infringements, such as counterfeiting and patent abuse. The European Union, by building the necessary legislation, can protect brands and create a more normal environment for business. Creating opportunities to train and qualify personnel to recognize threats and hazards protects companies from huge losses and reputational damage.

Q3. In recent years, e-commerce platforms have played a significant role in the proliferation of counterfeit goods. How is the EU collaborating with online marketplaces and platforms to combat the sale of fake products?

Counterfeit sellers have flourished on e-commerce markets, as it is relatively easy to set up sites that sell counterfeit items. Moreover, they continue to find new ways to infiltrate trusted platforms with their counterfeit products. Law enforcement is actively engaged in identifying and closing down fraudulent sites and working with major platform operators and brand owners to target sales of counterfeits, but the problem remains significant and is growing. The collaboration between the Member States is very important, they have taken a range of actions to combat online sales of counterfeit items, including establishing agreements with stakeholders that are designed to strengthen co-operation, and enhanced efforts to detect and act against websites that sell counterfeit items.

Q4. The EU has introduced various regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to protect consumer data. How do these regulations intersect with brand protection efforts?

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), regulates the processing by an individual, a company or an organisation of personal data relating to individuals in the EU. GDPR compliance benefits include increased trust and credibility between the copmanies, along with a better understanding of the data that's being collected and how it's managed. An organization can gain trust and credibility from its customers if it can demonstrate that it follows these principles (lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, Integrity and confidentiality, accountability) in making decisions regarding data and brand protection.

Q5. In what outcomes do you think BPCEU will help you?

Organizing such events involving leading experts to explain the intricacies, problems and solutions against future challenges give a unique opportunity to all companies in the world to touch the modern vision of brand protection. For me personally, the BPCEU will gave me the opportunity to meet proven specialists with whom we exchanged opinions, expertise and created relationships that we can use for participation in future events. It will be an honor for me to be a participant and share my experience with everyone.