The administration of the pharmaceutical wholesalers does not expect any disruption

The Northern Ireland Department of Health said it did not expect any significant supply disruptions after a pharmaceutical wholesaler went into administration.

The Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group has 14 locations across the United Kingdom. From a depot in Newtownabbey, it trades as Crosspharma in Northern Ireland. The administrator stated that they will work to "minimise the impact on the pharmaceutical supply chain."

According to Philip Dakin, administrator at insolvency firm Kroll, pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers formed an "important link between drug manufacturers and independent pharmacies and their end customers."

“'As it is a complex chain, we will be working closely with the relevant regulators, management, and the group's lenders to minimise the impact on the pharmaceutical supply chain,'" Mr. Dakin stated his opinion.

"As soon as we are appointed, our first priority will be to conduct an orderly wind-down of trading operations."

'As we strive to maximise the return for creditors, the possibility of some small trade sales of parts of the business has not been ruled out.'"
The Department of Health, according to a spokesperson, is aware of the situation and will continue to monitor it.

"At this time, no significant disruption in supplies is expected," he said.

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