Sharp is a global leader in advanced clinical supply chain services and contract pharmaceutical packaging

Sharp, is a global leader in clinical supply chain services and contract pharmaceutical packaging. Offering solutions and support to pharma and biotech clients from phase I trials all the way through to commercialization and rapid launch. The organization has state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands and over 32 clinical depots globally, covering every region of the world.

Sharp, full complement of integrated services includes analytical, formulation development, clinical manufacturing & packaging, clinical IRT, blister packaging, bottling, secondary assembly and labelling of injectable presentations, compliance packaging, as well as storage and distribution.  Sharp also offers Qualified Person (QP) services for UK& European distribution.

Through their partnership with Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, they offer specialist isolator-based filling of vials, syringes, cartridges and containers, as well as lyophilization and terminal sterilization.

Services in Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling

They use the latest software and technology to offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure product packaging is high quality, end-user friendly and differentiates itself in the market

Package Design

Idea Generation

Structural Design

Graphic Design

Packaging Samples

Tray Design

3D Printing

Shipper and Pallet Design

CR/SF – Child Testing Project Management

About Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling

World BI offers global insights into and practical guidelines for ensuring Packaging & Labelling compliance throughout manufacturing, artwork, drug registration and distribution processes. Attendees will revise important global & regional regulations relating to Packaging & Labelling, how GMP-compliant artwork processes & technologies maximize drug supply chain integrity as well as disputes related to drug Packaging & Labelling quality. Case studies including OTC, Biosimilars, Combination products, APIs will also be examined in detail to offer attendees practical case studies in real-world setting. Join us on 29-30 March 2022 at Basel, Switzerland.