A CRO division of Integral Biosciences Pvt. Ltd

IBS is a drug discovery incubator based out of Noida, UP, India, which offers end-to-end integrated drug discovery services to innovation focused biotech start-ups and small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies. They work as an extension of partner’s scientific think-tank rather than just a pure-play CRO. They have successful research partnerships with US based small to mid- size biotech companies for the development of oncology/CNS/ metabolic disorders focused pipeline and their scientific contributions includes the development of 2 drugs, 2 phase-I, 2 Phase-II and several pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) candidates in last 12 years.

Why Integral BioServices (IBS)?

  • One stop solution to get services from ideation through bedside
  • Complete pre-clinical research package where they offer
  • Computational support
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Chemistry
  • In-vitro ADME
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Cell biology
  • Strong experienced team of scientists with a higher ratio of Doctorates vs Masters
  • In-house in-vitro biology screening and CADD support the quick SAR

Integral BioServices (IBS) in Drug Discovery

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Library Synthesis
  • Chemistry Scaffolds
  • Building Blocks
  • Parallel Synthesis

Scale up Services

  • Maximum reaction scale 10 L
  • Column purification max ~ 0.5 Kg per column
  • 2-3 column purifications can be done in parallel
  • 20 L Rotavap, Vacuum ovens

Analytical & Purification

  • Analysis (NMR, LCMS, Chiral /achiral HPLC, KF)
  • Purification (Preparative HPLC, APMS and SFC)
  • QC (preparation of CoA and (MSDS)

Computational Chemistry

  • QSAR model
  • Homology model
  • Virtual screening both ligand and receptor based
  • Binding pose & interaction finger printing analysis
  • Focused library design & enumeration
  • Feature and shape-based pharmacophore models
  • Scaffold hopping studies
  • Bioisostere replacement studies

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Intellectual property management through dedicated IP expert on site


In vitro (Biochemical) assays

  • Assays to look at the inhibition/modulation of kinases and other ATP dependent enzymes
  • Efficiently performing assays with readout based on luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance
  • Capability to develop target assays within 4-6 weeks
  • Currently developing: -
  • Several mechanistic assays to look at the
  • downstream signaling and target inhibition
  • Assays being developed in collaboration with ADME group: - Hepatocyte based stability assay
  • In-vitro (cell based)
  • Cytotoxicity assays to screen molecules for oncogenic targets
  • Mechanistic assays: Western Blotting, ELISA, Real Time PCR using cell lines and primary cells
  • (PBMC’s)
  • Drug Combination studies
  • ADME
  • Tier 1 assay: For all new compounds
  • Kinetic solubility (by nephelometry)
  • Microsome panel (HLM, MLM/RLM)
  • Tier 2 assay: For selected compounds
  • FxSSIF, FxSSGF solubility and stability
  • Microsomal Stability - DLM, MyLM
  • Plasma stability- Human, Mouse, Rat
  • PPB – Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Metabolite Id
  • Formulation
  • Formulation stability
  • Glucuronidation (human, mouse, rat)
  • Cyp450 – 7 isoforms, TDI
  • LogD

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme is an invitation-only and one of the best platforms to learn the latest insights and develop lasting business relationships.

This year’s Drug Discovery Innovation Programme will highlight the challenges discovery pipelines have faced due to COVID-19 and will put a spotlight on the adoption of technology to finding the solutions.

With over 100+ attendees, learn how modernization in R&D processes is fundamentally changing what the drug discovery research will look like in the next two to five years.

So, join us in 2022 for an in-person experience and 2-days of top-level strategic content and the current scientific insights, networking, and discussions from leading global pharmaceutical R&D executives.

Companies in attendance for 2022 will include Servier Pharmaceuticals, Monte Rosa Therapeutics, University of Oxford, WPD Pharmaceuticals, AISA Therapeutics, Anima Biotech, PDC*line Pharma, Eli Lillly and Company, Symphogen, IRB Barcelona, Axonis Therapeutics, Genentech, Arakis Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Revitale Pharma, Progenra Inc, CERo Therapeutics, Merck and much more.

Register with us to learn more!