Allpack group ag
Passion for Pharma Packaging

Since 2003, they have been focusing successfully on pharmaceutical packaging. Their extensive know-how guarantees customer-specific packaging solutions, linking innovation and flexibility with efficiency. They operate modern, state-of-the-art production facilities.

Impressive results require exceptional performance. This is provided by their experienced staff, whose key attributes are maximum commitment, experience, customer focus and professionalism. They form the basis for a trusting, long-term collaborative partnership with you.

They address their clients’ requirements with a hands-on mentality to provide day-by-day operational excellence i.e.: reliability, flexibility, speed and transparency. They protect and code to combat counterfeiting of lifesaving medicines. Besides, they are committed to safety, supported by industry-leading technologies and an exemplary quality and regulatory record. This allows them to be the partner of choice for start-ups, SMEs as well as leading Pharmaceutical, Animal Healthcare and MedTec companies around the world, operating as an ideal extension of their business.

From clinical trial packaging including randomization to large production campaigns of blisters and bottles - their services support every phase of the pharmaceutical packaging process. Your projects get their full-time attention. Rely on them for fast product onboarding and rapid on-time product.

They are a GMP-compliant pharmaceutical contract packaging organization (CPO) in Switzerland that has the passion to create and produce well suitable and cost-efficient packaging solutions for you and your patients. They offer both in line and offline packaging to fulfil your specific package needs.

Their core competence

  • Blistering & bottle filling of oral solid dosage forms
  • From clinical trial to large volume orders
  • Serialization since 2014
  • Aggregation worldwide

They are your one-stop solution for all your needs. Their range covers the following customised services:


allpack group ag has obtained country-specific approvals for primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging from:

  • Swissmedic
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA

Furthermore, they are certified by the Japanese authorities (PMDA, MHLW) and they have been audited by ANVISA (Brazil) and many other Health Authorities worldwide.

Manufacture of blister packs

allpack group ag packs a wide variety of products such as capsules, tablets, sugar-coated tablets, ampoules, vials or syringes using thermoforming and cold forming processes, including online printing of the lidding film. In addition to mono- filling, they can also produce blister packs containing several products.

Blister lines (push-through packaging)

For coated and uncoated tablets, capsules, oblongs, syringes, etc.

Films/foils: PVC, PP, PVC/ PVdC, PVC/PE/PVdC, PVC/ACLAR/PVC, PET, Tyvek or CFF (with/without child-proof lidding).

Small batches are also possible, with > 120 of our own tool formats, online flexo printing unit (2-colour), for cavity-specific printing on the lidding foil.

Filling of bottles and jars with oral solid dosage forms (OSDs)

They fill a wide variety of bottles and jars with capsules, tablets and sugar-coated tablets. The bottles/jars can be purchased according to your specifications with child-resistant screw caps or snap-on caps with tamper-proof closures (e.g. by induction sealing).

Cartoning and series production

Folding boxes for a wide range of contents, package inserts incl. leaflet folding, coding for the final packaging or the application of a data matrix code (with / without serial number): They offer you all options for print approval and code reading on the pharmaceutical packaging.


As your full-service partner, they also offer you comprehensive individual labelling solutions.

EU release

If you wish, they will be more than happy to accompany your products through the EU approval process with an experienced partner.

Late Stage Customisation

The European market is one of the most difficult markets to launch a product in, with multiple Member States, languages and country-specific packaging formats. Since each Member State requires that the labelling and packaging of a medicinal product have to be done in the national language, it requires the individual and case-by-case creation of artwork and packaging designs, as well as the management of all packaging components.

Designing and producing packaging for each Member State can be costly. By streamlining processes and using late stage customisation, allpack group ag supports its customers to significantly reduce costs and ensure a more efficient, flexible supply chain.

Clinical packaging

As your professional partner, allpack group ag will support you in the planning of your packaging and logistics design and assist you with our comprehensive know-how in the supply and distribution of your clinical trial samples (CTMS or IMP). As a result, you can focus on your core tasks safe in the knowledge that the packaging logistics of your clinical studies is in expert hands.

allpack group ag provides project management, procurement, randomisation, label printing, sequential packaging, EU release, storage, distribution, and manages returns and disposal.

Last but not the least…

allpack group ag combines knowledge, expertise, innovative technologies and a dedicated team of specialists to ensure the highest quality standards for clinical products’ packaging in OSD formats.

allpack group ag is able to meet the requirements for light and oxygen sensitive products in combination with temperature controls that support the cold chain and low humidity conditions with technological solutions, regardless of packaging type and size.

They combine extensive labelling technology with flexible primary and secondary packaging suites to provide scalable packaging solutions.

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