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Leo Kirkovsky

Sr. Director

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Hong Cheng

VP, Head of Research Strategy

Eric Martin

Director of Computational Chemistry
World BI Speakers

Dinesh Chandra

Independent Biotech Consultant
Johnson & Johnson (Former)

Karol Estrada

VP Translational Genomics
Maze Therapeutics

Satyajit Rajapurkar


Alexandra Joseph

Executive Vice President Biology
Exo Therapeutics
WorldBI Speakers

Hariprasad Vankayalapati, M. Pharm., PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Biolexis Therapeutics, Inc.
WorldBI Speakers

Igor Nasonkin

Founder, CEO & Chief Scientific Officer
Phythera Therapeutics, Inc
WorldBI Speakers

Ekundayo Osimboni, MBA, PMP

Sr. Director, Strategic Alliance & Partnership Management
Foghorn Therapeutics Inc

Julie Owen

Director of Chemistry

Xingfeng Bao

VP, Head of Biology
GV20 Therapeutics
World Bi Speakers

G. Joseph Franklin

Senior Vice President and Head of Early Discovery

Thomas Burris

Director of University of Florida Genetics Institute and Dean's Professor || Scientific Co-Founder
Pelagos Therapeutics

Ilja Kuesters

Associate Director
Generate: Biomedicines

Dr. Thomas Nittoli

Senior Director, R&D Chemistry
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Alan Xiao

CSO, Sr Consultant

Yee Seir (Sheil) Kee

Scientist III

Tate Tabtieng

Senior Scientist
Generate: Biomedicines

Sai Krishna Sirumalla

Research Scientist, Machine Learning

Istvan Enyedy

Senior Principal Scientist

Eric Scheinbart M.D.

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Exciting Agenda Highlights

Fuel your mind with captivating keynotes, engaging panels, and exclusive industry insights
Portfolio of Target Classes

Diversify therapeutic interventions across small molecules, biologics, and gene therapies for comprehensive coverage in drug discovery.

Innovation & Deep Learning Addressing Unmet Needs

Harness innovation and deep learning methodologies to address unmet needs in the drug discovery process, fostering advancements in therapeutic interventions.

Bias in Medicinal Chemistry

Scrutinize and mitigate biases in medicinal chemistry practices to ensure objective and unbiased approaches in drug discovery.

Proteomic and Transcriptomic Data Analysis

Employ advanced data analysis techniques for proteomic and transcriptomic data, enhancing insights in drug discovery through a comprehensive understanding of molecular processes.

High-throughput Screening

Implement high-throughput screening techniques to efficiently identify potential drug candidates, accelerating the screening process for enhanced productivity.

Toxicology, Genomics & Small Molecules

Integrate toxicology and genomics into drug discovery processes, focusing on the role of small molecules to ensure safety and efficacy.

Organ on Chip-based Models in Drug Development

Utilize organ-on-chip-based models to emulate physiological conditions, revolutionizing drug development by providing more accurate and predictive testing environments.

Use of Nanobiotechnology & Automation

Incorporate nanobiotechnology and automation to streamline drug discovery processes, enhancing precision and efficiency in experimentation.

Use of Natural Products in Drug Development

Explore the utilization of natural products in drug development, tapping into the potential of nature's compounds for therapeutic interventions.

Chemical Language Approach and Drug Design

Apply a chemical language approach to drug design, optimizing communication between compounds and targets for more effective drug development.

RNA-targeted Molecules in Drug Discovery

Focus on RNA-targeted molecules to unlock new possibilities in drug discovery, targeting specific genetic elements for tailored therapeutic interventions.

The Next Generation of Drug Discovery

Pioneer the next generation of drug discovery by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, shaping the future landscape of pharmaceutical advancements.

The people invited to the event were incredibly impressive. We had plenty of time to discuss the presentations in great detail, and our discussions were truly insightful.


AISA Therapeutics

Wonderful experience. My time was spent very productively. I very much liked the presentations and the panel discussions.

Head of Machine Learning

Wayfinder Biosciences

I've met individuals, potential customers, and collaborators. The event saves you time and effort, particularly in terms of networking and business growth.

Sr. Director Of Business Development

Nuchem Therapeutics

One-on-one meetings are very good very informal, relax and gives you very nice partnering opportunities.


3z Ehf

I liked the networking where you could meet lot of people and have one-on-one meeting.

VP Pharmacology


Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak at DDIP. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Medigene Immunotherapies GmbH

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