12-13 September 2023
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European Drug Discovery Innovation &
Outsourcing programme

Why DDIP Stands Out

Embrace This Opportunity to Learn, Collaborate and Contribute to the Advancement of Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry

DDIP Stands Out

Engaging Sessions

Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow attendees to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the drug discovery landscape.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Embrace the opportunity to learn from your peers who are actively involved in drug discovery.

Structured Networking

Engage in focused discussions, exchange business cards, and build relationships that can propel your career and organization forward.

Collaborative Activities

These activities provide a platform for cross-functional collaboration, enabling you to leverage diverse skill sets and approaches to find innovative solutions to real-world drug discovery challenges.

Conference Chairperson

Gautam Hotti

Director Generative AI

Industry Speakers

Worldbi DDIP Speakers

Dr. Ulrich A.K. Betz

Senior Vice President Innovation

World BI Speakers

Marcel van Duin, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Worldbi Speakers

Saleha Patel

Associate Principal Scientist - Emerging Innovations Unit

Gerhard Müller

Chief Scientific Officer

World BI Speakers

Nick Brown

Executive Head of Imaging & Data Analytics (CPSS, R&D)

World BI Speakers

Jacques Dumas

Chief Scientific Officer

World BI Speakers

Patrizia D'Alessio


WorldBI Speakers

Martin-Immanuel Bittner

Co-Founder & CEO

WorldBI Speakers

Jarrod Walsh

Director of Biochemical & Biophysical Screening

WorldBI Speakers

Ulrich Hommel

Former Head Integrated Target and
Lead Discovery

World BI Speakers

Mariola Stypik

Senior Specialist Medicinal Chemist

World BI Speakers

David Moreno Delgado

Associate Director Assay development and Technologies

World BI Speakers

Dr. Catherine Kibirige

Senior Research Associate

Jonathan Wingfield

Principal Scientist

WorldBI Speakers

Georgios Stamatas

Research Associate Director,
Essential Health Translational Science

Rabia Khan


Guglielmo Iozzia

Associate Director - Data Science, ML/AI, Computer Vision

WorldBI Speakers

Manolo Bellotto

General Manager

World BI Speakers

Roman Blaszczyk

Associate Director Medicinal Chemistry, Principal Scientist

Ahmed Serag

Professor, Founder and Director, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

Victor Guallar


Philippe Lienard

Pre-Clinical Leader

WorldBI Speakers

Santiago Esteban Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Event at a Glance

Inspiring Days
Hours of Networking
Exhibitors & Sponsors
Industry Leading Speakers
Attendees Needs New Services/ Products
Industry Delegates

Agenda Highlights

Portfolio of
Target Classes

Innovation & Deep Learning Addressing Unmet Needs

Bias in Medicinal

Proteomic and Transcriptomic Data Analysis

High Throughput

Toxicology, Genomics & Small Molecules

Organ on Chip-based Models in Drug Development

Use of Nano-biotechnology & Automation

Use of Natural Products in Drug Development

Chemical Language Approach and Drug Design

RNA-targeted Molecules in Drug Discovery

The Next Gen of Drug Discovery


what people say

Who Will Attend

Delegates will include Chief Scientific Officers, Vice Presidents, Directors, Department Heads and Principal Scientists with responsibility in the following areas

High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Molecular Biology
Structural Biology
Lead Generation
Antibody Engineering
Medicinal Chemistry
Pipeline/Portfolio Strategy
Computational Chemistry

Partnership Opportunities

Expand Your Network

Meet world experts and thought leaders to boost your success and professional connections.

Promote Your Professional Identity

Be the name that all decision makers remember when looking for answers, and be the brand that comes to their mind.

Showcase Your Work

Take the stage in front of a target audience to exhibit your work and market products.

Enjoy 1:1 Business Meetings

Take your pick from our tailored packages to make the most of your time on site and develop long-term, value-adding business partnerships.

Our Partners

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Event Venue

Explore Spain and its rich Culture, Architecture, and Cuisine!

Hotel SB Glow Barcelona, Spain

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Zain Jaffri

Group Sales Director

Mail To: zj@worldbigroup.com

Phone: +44 20 3950 8884

Mobile: +44 74 2437 2809


To enquire about speaking opportunities for the conference, please contact:

Worldbi Virtual Conferences

Mona Arslan

Operations Director

Mail To: mona@worldbigroup.com

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