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Systech Enhances Cloud-Based Software

Systech Enhances Cloud-Based Software

The expanded functionality is for UniSecure® and UniTrace®

Systech International announced enhanced functionality of its cloud-based software offerings, UniSecure® and UniTrace®.

UniSecure is a cost-effective and comprehensive mobile authentication solution that safeguards brand equity, profitability, and reputation for quality and safety by reducing counterfeits and supply chain diversion. Its new performance features expand support into a larger variety of product packaging types, deliver deeper QR Code support, new event tracking and management, self-help videos, and further internationalizes the software with Chinese language support.

UniTrace is an enterprise platform that integrates internal and external serialized item information systems, enabling traceability throughout the supply chain. Its new functionality boosts EPCIS support, improves integration capabilities with multi-threaded transformation handling, and delivers greater security21 configurability.

"Together, these enhancements provide significant flexibility in adapting to different packaging, data carriers, and geographies to strengthen Systech's commitment to meeting our customers' rapidly growing business and supply chain challenges," says Jim Lee, senior vice president of Product Management at Systech.

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