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Amazon joins with US govt to block fake goods at the border

Amazon joins with US govt to block fake goods at the border

The US federal government and Amazon have launched a joint operation to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the US, which relies on intelligence sharing and inspections.

The online retail giant is partnering with the National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Coordination Centre, a Department of Homeland Security-led body, on the initiative dubbed Operation Fulfilled Action which will be supported by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and logistics firm DHL.

The partners will analyse data and conduct targeted inspections aimed at preventing counterfeit products from entering the US supply chain, according to Amazon.

It is the latest initiative by Amazon as it tries to drive fake products off its platforms, particularly its Marketplace for third-party sellers and as some brand owners are complaining that its much-touted measures to tackle counterfeiting do not go far enough.

By combining intelligence from Amazon, the IPR Center and other agencies, the company hopes to improve the ability to stop counterfeits at the border, regardless of where bad actors were intending to offer them.

The operation will be led by Amazons counterfeit crimes unit, a team of former federal prosecutors, investigators and data analysts which was created earlier this year to support law enforcement investigations and to initiate civil litigation against counterfeiters.

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