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Press Release: David M. Luna as our esteemed Chairperson.

Event features globally-recognized industry leaders gathered to discuss illicit trade, innovative technologies, and cross-industry partnerships to shape Next-Generation Brand Protection.

London, UK - David M. Luna, President and CEO of Luna Global Networks will speak at the 2nd Brand Protection Congress, 4-5 December 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Luna is the former Chair of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade, and Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade and Organized Crime. Mr. Luna's presentation, titled "Elevating Our Game on Anti-Illicit Trade", will highlight today's current security landscapes on fighting illicit markets, the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships to counter these threats, and how transformative technologies and game-changing market solutions can be critically decisive in Brand Protection Strategies. .

"Sophisticated criminal entrepreneurs are diversifying their portfolios in trafficking everything from narcotics, people, arms, gold and natural resources, and endangered wildlife to counterfeits including fake medicines, auto parts and electronics, and illicit cigarettes and alcohol products," said Mr. Luna. "Illicit trade not only results in lost profits for companies, job displacements for workers, business closures, and economic hardships for governments when less revenue is brought into the treasuries to fund public services, but also poses grave dangers to public health and safety." .

The program for the 2nd Brand Protection Congress will bring together brand protection managers, IP officials, legal counsel, law enforcement officials, and security and technology solution providers who will discuss some of their recent anti-illicit trade successes and challenges. Leading anti-counterfeiting and anti-trafficking experts from around the world will showcase good practices and share market intelligence on how to minimize the adverse reputational impact of counterfeiting on brands. .

2nd Brand Protection Congress (BPC) will address brand security and product authentication solutions, track & trace, illicit trade, open source intelligence, cross-border security, counterfeited medicines, IP infringements & trade marks, AI & digitization in brand protection, IoT, e-commerce & blockchain challenges in brand protection. .

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More information : Press Release: David M. Luna as our esteemed Chairperson.

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