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Surge of AI in Drug Discovery

Surge of AI in Drug Discovery: Chalking Out the Future Trends

Drug development approaches a fascinating era as the trend of digitalization introduces sophisticated technologies which can neutralize costly hazards faced in R&D pipelines. The idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate drug discovery process and boost a success rate of pharmaceutical research programs has inspired a notable amount of activity over the last several years with a considerable number of initiated research collaborations between AI-driven R&D vendors and top pharmaceutical companies in 2016-2017. A busy beginning of 2018 with an unending list of drug discovery conferences shows that the area is getting even "hotter" and things start unfolding faster in the emerging "AI for drug discovery" space. Judging by the increasing activity in the "AI for drug discovery space" over the last two years, it is expected that 2018 will be a year of a more widespread curiosity among biopharma companies about AI-based technologies and tools. As a consequence, a growing number of new AI-vendors will be pitching in, offering solutions for novel use cases and more flexible collaboration models, and more research initiative will be launched on the side of "big" and "middle" pharma players. It means the market of R&D outsourcing will be growing even faster in 2018, at least in the segment of outsourcing AI, cloud and big data technologies and expertise. On the other hand, AI-vendors will face a more pressing challenge of finding ways to prove their value proposition for the pharmaceutical and biotech partners in more practical and measurable terms -- in order to overcome a growing skepticism fueled by over hyped claims about "AI revolution" mark your spot at Europe's leading event on Drug Discovery: 6th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme

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