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Technology Is Changing Lives

How Technology Is Changing Lives

The field of science and technology has gone far than our expectations. Today, technology in discoveries has not just made our lives much easier but it has also raised our living standards to the next level and it's not only about our living standards but about every aspect of our lives. From discovering gravity on earth to going to the moon, from the study of the lower layer of earth (geology) to the study of stars (astronomy), technology has just reached the next level.


Technology has revolutionized our lives. It has contributed to education, communication, traveling, businesses and much more. In the field of education, one can get any kind of data, information etc. One can even get online education whenever he wants. In the field of communication, technology has just gone far ahead of its time. With the invention of mobile phones and internet, one can easily get in touch with anyone in any part of the world and at any time. It was never possible in the past.


And if we talk about traveling, the invention of airplanes has made it easier to travel any part of the world and in much less time than before. In business, the use of artificial intelligence, cloud data etc has made it very easy to conduct and manage businesses. In short, Technology is much more than these aspects explained above.

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