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Green Packaging

Green Packaging: Reduce your Carbon FootPrint

Eco-Consciousness, is not just an over-hyped bandwagon, is the paradigm shift on which everyone has jumped on. It doesn't always have to be drastic changes when it comes to ongoing business practices, even simple changes can trigger the huge differences. Making your product packaging greener is not what you can figure out overnight but you must start formulating your brand's very own "Eco-Friendly Packaging Equation" to deliver sustainable business growth. That equation will not only trail down your carbon footprints in the ecosystem but will surely act as reducing catalyst. At 2nd European Packaging Conference, 4th - 5th December 2018, Frankfurt, Germany, we will let you have the framework for sustainable packaging. Our experts will shade out the key factors towards green packaging whereas, how to make them more yielding financially. Have you ever pondered reducing your carbon footprints is why stressed upon? Let us handle it for you. This probably comes as no surprise but the moment that your business implements sustainable materials and processes is the moment that it begins to reduce the negative impacts that it has had on the environment. Carbon footprint is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you are nonetheless reducing your CO2 emissions by cutting down on the amount of packaging you have to use to complete your finished goods, which all in all is a good thing. a really good thing! The weight of your packaging materials will directly impact the amount of energy required to produce your finished goods and the energy required to ship them to the retailer or end-user. Switching to a lighter weight material can positively impact your carbon footprint. Many consumers care about the impact they have on the environment themselves, which directly relates to the products they choose to purchase and the brands they choose to be loyal to. Once you switch to sustainable packaging you can include that in how you go to market with your products. Capitalize on your brand's corporate responsibility in being environmentally-focused directly on your packaging.

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