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Impact on Discovery or Business

Big Data Impact on Discovery or Business

We all are familiar with the term 'data'. Data is any kind of information that we give to the computer. Data is a collection of raw facts and figures. Big data is something which has been evolved in the past few years and many people are not familiar with it. As per name, Big Data is very large amount of data that cannot be calculated with traditional computing techniques.

In the past, people used old record keeping techniques in which paper was used to keep the track of data provided by people, which was indeed a very time consuming task. But with the passage of time, computer evolved as a device to keep a record of everything. And if we talk about the modern era, everything is stored in computers and is available on a single click. Paper work or old record keeping techniques have almost been diminished from the society. Super computers are used to store large amount of data and the amount of this data is increasing day by day. Let's take an example of social media websites.

We can't even imagine the amount of data these social media websites have stored or taken from people. Or for instance take an example of database of any company which have stored data of its employees; left or retired or on duty, customers; old or new, and much more, and we can imagine how much amount of this data would be. Big data is that amount of data stored in the computers of those companies, social media websites, and etc. But some are still confused with this term and the concept is continuously evolving. And today whatever we do we leave a digital footprint of that task. That's why the amount of data is increasing day by day and is named as big data.

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