MODUM: An Agile & Reliable Partner

About Modum

Modum was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs and experts in process innovation, digitalization and pharma logistics with the goal to digitalize supply chains of sensitive goods with the help of modern technology. Modum focuses on the interoperability of systems and on governance of information exchange.

Modum’s track record of achieving high quality results in record time is a key asset when it comes to customer satisfaction and time-to-market: their first Pharma qualified and WHO PQS authorized temperature monitoring solution was delivered in one and a half years, they received ISO certification within two years of company founding and carrier integration with Swiss Post was completed in a single year.

They have excellent and proven capabilities for realizing solutions using the latest technologies on both hardware and software level – whether it is developing Internet of Things (IoT) real-time data loggers, distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystems or applying machine learning for predictive analytics or pattern recognition.

Key Challenges

System Semantics

System semantics are incompatible among different DL Technologies.

Data Structure

Different data structures prevent easy data exchange between different DL Technologies.


Different network protocols are not compatible between different DL Technologies.

Trust Model

Trust models might not be mutually verifiable among different DL Technologies.

Business Logic

Transactional requirements are not met across different technologies.

Unified Governance

Access control for members, rollback, upgrade support, auditing and regulation support.

Supply Chain Digitalization

Modum have successfully completed numerous digitalization projects with customers in various industries by adopting a process-focused approach to solving supply chain challenges and leveraging our own industry expertise as well as our connections to industry associations and academia.

Modum build solutions that seamlessly link the physical world of goods distribution with the digital world of shipment information and financial transactions, applying the latest technologies where it makes sense.

About Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme

Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme is a promising conference of World BI focusing on different aspects of supply chain challenges especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know how supply chain professionals ensure the agility and visibility of the complex supply chains with the technological advancements in the world nowadays. Implement the robust supply chain plans as forecasted and monitoring the distribution network, keeping in mind the last mile delivery and patient centricity.

7th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme to be held in Basel, Switzerland on 10-11 May 2022.

8th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics innovation Programme to be held in Munich, Germany on 23-24 November 2022.

This year Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme will come up with new flavors discussing all the challenges for a disrupted supply chain post covid, supply chain management and supply chain differentiation covering technological advancements. This conference is a blend of discussions featuring end-end supply chain, supply chain optimization, product security & authentication and regulatory compliance

Speakers & delegates such as MSD, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson and many more are looking forward to joining this conference.

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